Ballroom Dance?

Looking for something new and exciting? Whether you're looking for a relaxing, stress relieving activity or wanting to challenge yourself mentally and physically, Jorge Morales and Dance Atlanta will guide you toward reaching your dance goals.

Dance Atlanta International offers training in both the American and International style of Ballroom Dance.

No experience? No problem. With over 20 years in the business of training dancers, Jorge has guided beginners as well as professional veterans to and beyond their dancing goals.

DanceSport Training

with Dance Atlanta

Ballroom Dancing emcompasses a variety of partner dances practiced around the world. Originaly seen only in social environments, Ballroom dancing has also evolved into what is known today as Dancesport  which is the competitive area of Ballroom Dance.

Through the progression of your lessons, you may decide that competition would be a fun way to challenge yourself physically and mentally, taking your dancing and performing skills new heights.

In fact, competitive, Pro-Am ballroom and Latin dance is the flagship division of Dance Atlanta International. In Pro/Am Ballroom competitions, students dance with their instructors, competing against other students dancing with their instructors.

In ballroom, there are two styles of dance - American and International. While some of the dances overlap, there are notable differences in style, music, and timing. Students can compete in all 9 dances in American Style, and all 10 dances in International.

Today's dancesport circuits have become as athletic as gymnastics and figure skating competitions. But what is really great is that you don't have to have any experience to get started and you can start at any age. Successful dancesport competitors are as young as 10 and go well into their 50s and 60s. It's pretty amazing!

Pro/Am competitions are categorized into the following divisions:

Dividing competitions into these categories allows students to compete against other students at the same level. Beginning students - who often begin taking lessons as adults, and have had little, if any, formal dance training - can be ready for a competition in as little as three months.

Most competitive students take 1-3 dance lessons per week. They can choose to enter Ballroom dance competitions at the local, regional, and/or national levels.


Join us for an introduction into the exciting world of Dancesport. In you introductory session, you will receive:

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